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190 Interlachen Rd.
Melbourne, FL 32940
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Godly Play




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Hope Episcopal Church, Melbourne, FL
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Visit our Prayer Labyrinth
A prayer labyrinth is an ancient tool which had been used by pilgrims for generations.

A labyrinth is a vehicle of prayer.

A labyrinth is a metaphor for life with all of its twists and turns, ups and downs.

A prayer labyrinth is a symbol of a life of walking with God.
Hope Is...

Hope is a community of people united in a love of Christ, where every person can come to find rest from the hectic pace of life and refuge from life's storms.

Using a prayer labyrinth allows you to employ all of your senses while you pray reinforcing in
a physical way the reality that there is only one center in life and that is in God.

How to use the Prayer Labyrinth

1. What would you like to pray for today?

2. At the entrance, be still for a moment and ask God to walk with you.

3. Enter, follow the path, move at your own pace. Notice what is happening around you and
make it part of your prayer.

4. At the center, rest in Christ’s loving presence. Reflect on what has happened so far on your
prayer walk.

5. When you are ready, take the pathway back out. Continue your prayer, asking God to
incorporate what He has been showing you into your life and service of others.

6. When you reach the threshold, before you leave, thank God for whatever has happened during
your prayer experience.

7. Afterwards, reflect on your prayer walk.
Why Go To Church?
Every Sunday, many of us go to church while many others are sleeping or engaged in other
weekend activities. After a week of work and chores, should we spend part of our short
weekend in church?

For those of us that spend that hour each Sunday in church, the answer is a resounding YES. But
many of us have had to overcome our own reasons for not going. Do you have your reasons?

Click Here for some common reasons people don't go to church.

Rector's Message:
Welcome to Hope!
Hope is a joy-filled church where every person can come to find rest from the hectic pace of life and
ref­uge from life's storms. Hope is a place where you can be filled when you are empty, fed when you
are hungry. It is a place to be renewed spiritually, physically, and emotionally through authentic rela­
tionships with regular people who are faithful and passionate about giving to others what has been
given to them; the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Debbie+